The healing power of sound
are you suffering from fear, anxiety doubting if you are good enough
are you searching for yourself wondering who you really are?
Do you want to experience an online sound healing of ten minutes?
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Sound-Healing gives you

relaxation and rest
both life and over skype
I make sounds for you, based on a word and a color you choose.
In the relaxation you experience by listening to the sounds, you can heal and remind yourself who you are deep from within.

This is how it works
First, we search for a word that summarizes what you want to heal. This can be anything: physical, emotional or something very practical. Then you can choose a color.
After determining your intention, you will sit or lie down just what’s most convenient for you. When you are comfortable, I tune in. First on you, then on the word, the color and then on the Universal energy. And from here I make sound.
After 10 to 15 minutes the sound stops out of itself. The vibrations stop.
And in this silence, you stay until it's time to finish.

Take the time for it
The treatment takes about 45 minutes. Its effect can work through for hours or days.
If you make an appointment, make sure you have time afterwards to process everything. Do not make any other arrangements on that day, but allow yourself to receive what happens after treatment.
In any case, it is important to drink a lot of water afterwards.

For whom
Everybody benefits from sound healing. Certainly, if you've been facing complication that just won’t heal or problems that are too difficult to speak about, sound healing can open new ways for you.

Let your soul sound again
Do you want to learn how to reconnect with the desire that is in us all, the desire to sing?
I can help you to see re- contact and discovering, through all your doubts and unbelief, how beautiful you are if you dare to make sound again

Practical information
A session costs € 60

For an appointment in the Netherlands you can call Jeroen van Buuren at 06 12 52 40 55, or send an e-mail
You are welcome in my practice in Renkum. There is also always the possibility to do a sound-healing using Skype.
Even before he began to sing, I sensed a feeling of ‘sinking in’, a kind of heaviness and release. After that, during the singing of Jeroen, I experienced several streams of energies, which were ‘energized’ so to speak. It made me think of a kaleidoscope or a colorful screen saver: colors changing in shape and forming new patrons.
In the silence that follows I became very relaxed and received new insights in my situation.
Jeroen asked me what I needed in that moment. After that he asked me for a word and a color. The word was quietness and the color lavender green.
Next, I closed my eyes and Jeroen turned in on me and started to sing.
Completely spontaneously he expressed what surfaced.

They were beautiful bright, warm sounds in a room where the acoustics were good.
What I experienced was that the vibrations started in my throat and actually dropped down. These vibrations gave an open effect; My heart opened, I felt a lot of warmth in my stomach and belly region.
I could feel the places that were ‘touched’, throat, heart, stomach and belly, all at the same time as open and space and warmth.

I could relax there and felt indeed relaxation ...

The session "sang" for me even after it was finished. I felt calm and tired too.

The session was a surprise for me.
I am happy with the healing experience; the throat was normal again.
The meridian of my left upper leg, was again as normal after a few days.